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SCP-860-2 by ValeoCrow SCP-860-2 :iconvaleocrow:ValeoCrow 353 33
Brynjolf X Reader/Daedra Part 1: Hunted
You're part Daedra! While you're in your human form you fall in love with a 100% human! Part 1
Y/N: you/your characters name
POV: point of view
Your POV:
"Aye lass." Brynjolf said
I heard Brynjolf but ignored him, ' I wonder if he even remembered my name?' I thought, 'maybe if I just ignore him...'
"Lass!" Shouted Brynjolf
I ignored him again. Sweet revenge... After all that stuff gapped with Mercer Frey, we've split apart... But I had the biggest crush on him still. He always ignored me now, he just said "sorry lass, I'm very busy, we can talk later." Or something like that. Besides the rumor around the guild, is that Karliah and him have a thing for each other...
"Y/N!" Brynjolf yelled, making me turn around to him
"Sorry lad, I have more important things to do, he can talk later." I said smirking.
"Nows not the time for sly comebacks lass."
"Oh what you want to talk about you're new girlfriend Karliah?! Or something... Whatever it is I don't care..."
I meant for that to be a sly com
:iconrogerdodger2020:Rogerdodger2020 26 6
Slenderman x Reader - Odd One 1

You sighed as you walked down the dirt path that lead to your house deep within the evergreen forest that all of the town near by feared. Casually you swung your school bag over your shoulder and contently looked up to the starry sky that was just visible enough through the tree tops. You understood why everyone was scared, yet you didn't.
The towns people feared what ever lived among the forest, what ever stole the occupants of the cabin you lived in away or left them sprawled out on the floor in pieces. You on the other hand weren’t as terrified as everyone else, you actually found it quiet the thrill!
Knowing that any day you could be killed or stolen like everyone else who lived there before you. It really gave you the reason to live every day like it was your last, because it was highly possible you could be gone the next day.
You felt a small smile form on your face as you remembered your friends in town.
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 489 61
Feeling by Axsens Feeling :iconaxsens:Axsens 759 13
Mature content
Jeff The Killer X BEN Drowned *Lemon!* :iconcybeterc:Cybeterc 197 245
Farkas x Vampire!Reader: Harbinger Series
    He never fully understood how he came to care for her. They were two completely different species after all, and their taboo friendship had begun to rouse suspicions from those of the Companions. She was already a mixed breed to begin with, of Breton and High Elf, something that was seen as impure. He had never seen an issue with her sun kissed skin and pointed ears, with the freckles that expanded from her cheeks to her shoulders from countless hours of adventures in the sunlight. Before she turned. 
    "I still don't really approve of Kodlak appointing a vampire as Harbinger." Aela mumbled with distaste, watching [Y/N] laugh cutely over Athis's antics. From what he could remember, Aela had never liked the newest companion. 
    Farkas separated himself from the conversation by trying to down his mead. 
    "It's what the old man wanted." Vilkas interrupted. "As long as she doesn't breed, I suppose, there's no p
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 11 2
BEN drowned/Reader - In All my Dreams I Drown
BEN drowned/Reader one-shot - In All my Dreams I Drown
Link to the song --->
The ship, it swayed, heave ho, heave ho,
On the dark and stormy blue,
And I held tight to the Captain's might
As he pulled up his trews.
"You haven't slept," heave ho, he said,
"In many suns and moons."
"Oh, I will sleep when we reach shore,"
"And pray we get there soon."
He said, "Now hush love, here's your gown."
"There's the bed, lantern's down."
But I don't want to go to sleep; in all my dreams, I drown.
Gasping loudly for air, you snap up into a sitting position on your bed. You trembled and shook, perspiration rolling down your face and body as you stare ahead with wide fearful (e/c) eyes. It was that dreadful dream again that haunted your dreamworld
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 89 35
Espionage (BEN Drowned x Reader)|One-Shot
  "It has to be here somewhere..." The entity furrowed his eyebrows in determination as he scrolled endlessly through personal files and databases. What he desired was ever so simple, yet ever so guilt ridden. BEN took a liking to you, sending out subtle hints such as allowing you to handle his weaponry, polish his game controllers. Any other young man could have talked to you, perhaps ask your friends what you thought of him. Typical behavior for someone infatuated. But, as many knew, BEN was not typical. He was rather impatient under his layers of cynicism and decided to use methods of espionage. An exasperated sigh fled his lips, for his patience was growing weary and a certain someone was expected to arrive from a job interview any minute. A faint smile made its way onto his features; he finally found was he was looking for. He opened a save file labeled "Journal" and got comfortable in his—your—computer chair.
March 23,
  Bought a new console today. I don't r
:iconokay-lea:Okay-Lea 42 11
Mature content
BEN drowned x reader lemon!!! :icondarksinnara:DarkSinnara 422 568
Jeff the Killer x Reader - You are the Moon
Shadows all around you as you surfaced from the dark,
Emerging from the gentle grip of night’s unfolding arms
A sigh escaped her plump lips, the muscles pulling back into a thin line. The house was silent, and she sat tense against her bedroom door. Her eyelids fluttered shut, hoping to doze off into another world to escape the reality she currently resided in. Her arms clenched tighter around her shins, compressing herself further into a ball.
She jumped at the sudden scream that echoed throughout the hall, ringing in her ears as her eyes snapped open. She was scared of Jeff at times like this, he was more unpredictable than usual. Usually, Jane would be here to help her with his fits. Unfortunately, the female killer was out helping a distant friend, leaving her to tend to him on her own.
Her eyes wandered around the room, squinting in order to get a better look. It was night, the beams of moonlight pouring in from in between the b
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 165 23
Dad!Jeff the Killer x Mom!Reader : Mutual
    There's a baby in my backyard.
    Let me repeat that again.
    There's a baby. In a basket. Screaming at an ungodly hour. In my backyard.
    There isn't much I can do right now. It's three am, so I doubt anybody is going to deal with my shit if I even dare ask for help. I almost don't want to touch it. I may be a girl, but that doesn't mean I played mommy when I was younger. In all twenty four years of my life, I never thought I would have to deal with this issue. I don't know how to handle babies. I'm a surgeon in training. Do you know what's on my mind? Work. And school. Not babies. But there's a half naked infant on my lawn, so I have to do something.
    I do the dumbest thing that can hint to anyone that I'm a doctor and put my fingers in the crease of the elbow. Obviously, it's alive. I don't even know why I did that. The thing is squirming and screaming in a basket. Of course it's alive. But it feels c
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 39 7
Mature content
Jeff The Killer **Rape Lemon** 1 :iconoptimusspyro:optimusspyro 155 47
Ben drowned x reader LEMON!!!!
Ben drowned x reader LEMON!!!!!!!!
You walked to the dark green door and opened it. You walk in the room to see a normal room one bed and a desk with a desk lamp and a computer.
The desk lamp was dim but it lite up the room fairly good to the point were you can see your surroundings. You walked over to the computer and saw it was on! A window was opened and it was on
You typed in "hello…"
"Hello who are you?" It asked.
"(Name)" "who are you?"
You guys talked for a while but then he stopped talking. You dont know why. You walked around the room for a while and sooner or later you sat on the bed and fell asleep.
*bing!* you heard a noise coming from the computer. You sat at the desk chair and found someone sent a email? You open the email to find some writing or at story. The story was on a website called creepypasta.Com. it was a story you heard about you read it once but didn't remember what it was about so once more you read it.
After you finished you went
:iconikarikyougi:IkariKyougi 631 927
Mature content
My Imagination.... BEN drowned x reader LEMON! :iconcultofthecupcake:CultOfTheCupcake 72 54
Cold and Dark Jack Frost X Reader Chapter 1
"Cold and Dark"
Jack Frost X Reader
Background info:
It is present day, only 2 days until Christmas. Earlier this morning you got into another fight with your parents and foolishly ran away-with nothing. Along the road a blizzard suddenly appears, and you are stranded.
Little do you know who's waiting within the snow...
_ *__*__*__*__*__*__*__*__*__*_
Chapter 1: A Storm
It is a bitterly cold night. Tiny flakes of snow falling in insane amounts flutter around you like a plague, blinding you so that even the area directly in front of you is a blur. You trudge through banks of knee-high snow, white and impassable, with nothing but a thin, soaking-wet sweatshirt on. The cold bites easily through it, frosting your skin in a layer of ice. You can feel the hairs on your arms uncomfortably sticking  straight up, nearly puncturing the material with a billion tiny holes.
The temperature is at most 20 degrees, probably less, and you figure it won't be long before you're either forced to curl
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 40 10
Thorsten Radar
"I bet you a weeks worth of fish I can get Tuff here without calling his name."
"I'll take that bet."  Astrid said, looking puzzled as to how Hiccup expected to accomplish such a thing.  Tuff would rarely come when called as it was.
Taking a breath, as if to steal himself for what was about to happen, Hiccup took off his vest, holding it by two fingers.  He grinned at Astrid and let it drop.  
Half a minute later Tuff was standing in front of them.  He had feathers in his hair and a lamb under one arm.  He didn't look out of breath, though he must have run across the entire village.
Tuff grinned, shoving the lamb into Astrid's arms and throwing Hiccup over his shoulder in one smooth motion.  Hiccup pointed to his vest lying on the ground and Astrid bent to pick it up.
"I'll explain later."  Hiccup called out as he was carried off to be ravaged.  Astrid stared down at the ve
:iconbeefcakepye:BeefCakePye 144 103




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